Monthly Prayer

God of love, giver of life,

I understand that death is a part of life,

but I don’t understand the injustice of it all.


I don’t understand, Lord,

why babies and children should die

before that have a chance to live.


I don’t understand

why some people are afflicted

with almost unbearable suffering

day on day, and year on year.


I don’t understand

why some look to you and are made whole

while others wait on your healing

and wait in vain.


I struggle with the ready answers –

‘It’s in God’s hands!’

‘God knows best!’

‘It’s a test of our faith!’


Are you, the God of compassion, the cause of our grief?

Are you, who are love, the source of suffering?


Or is this the mystery of life? –

we may hurt, we may suffer

and one day, we will die –

but in you is our hope and our salvation

in you is a resting place for our weary souls.