Monthly Prayer

In the short, dark days of winter,

of stark landscapes and bitter winds,

the trees stretch empty branches into grey skies.

Some days the light hardly rises

and the mist never clears.

Country and city, suburb or street,

look unyielding, unfriendly.

And the people are buttoned up

against the wind,

with their grim faces and depressing days.

Who can stand before this cold?

In the Psalmist’s words,

God comes to melt the cold

to let the ice flow again as water,

to warm the wheat into life in the wintry fields.

Come, God of life, into our wintry world.

Come like the first green shoots on winter days.

Come and unbutton even our cautious hearts,

that we may stretch, waking, into life once more,

smile again and welcome joy,

that we may praise you and bless one another.