Monthly Prayer

Money, money – everything is money!

Wherever I look,

I am bombarded with adverts for easy loans

and credit cards;

gambling opportunities they yell me are ‘fun’,

and prizes which hint at getting rich quick.

Everything is money –

the yearning, the pursuit, the promise –

while the news speaks of people drowning in debt,

and the world is torn into rich and poor.

Vainly we cling to false hopes and empty opportunities,

blind to the blessings you promise and bestow.

Money may make the world go around,

but the love of money leaves human hearts empty

and souls that are cold.

For you alone are the Lord, our God,

worthy to be praised.

You alone can satisfy  our hearts

and give to us our true worth.

Money, money – it seems all is money,

but money can never be a worthy god.

So may I never be beguiled by earthly riches,

or give to wealth the honour that is your alone.