Monthly Prayer

Who am I that you should love me so

and deem me precious in your sight?

Why do you watch over me, and wait for me,

day after day and year after year?

Determinedly, I walk my own path

and seek my own way.

I stop my ears to your voice

and in my own strength I crumple and fall.

Yet you refuse to give up;

you refuse to let go.

You raise me to my feet and restore my dignity.

You say I don’t have to be what I have been

and spread before me a new path,

a different way.

Oh Lord, my God, I am deserving of your anger;

instead you pour out forgiveness,

waiting for me to hear and believe

that I am forgiven

and can go in peace.

So here I am – just as I am.

Help me to forgive myself

even as you forgive me,

that I may walk a new path

and be as one with you.